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"Dr. Philipose fixed my teeth and gave a beautiful simile. I liked his caring nature. He is a very friendly doctor and I recommend him to all my friends. All my friends gave me compliments for my straight teeth."

Crystal Jolly


"Dr. Philipose is a very friendly and caring doctor. He did a wonderful job on my teeth, and now I cannot help but smile all the time. I will recommend him to any one."

Dr. Linda Shaeffer, D.M.D.


"Dr. Philipose gave me a wonderful smile. I was very pleased with Dr. Philiposes work. He is very meticulous in his treatment approach and pays attention to details. He is a very friendly person. I will recommend Dr. Philipose for my patients and my family."

Jaime Coleman


"Dr. Philipose was my orthodontist, he
corrected my bite and he gave me a good
smile. He also taught me in dental school.
​I was very impressed with his knowledge of orthodontics. Apart from being a good clinician, he is a very friendly person who enjoys outdoors and water sports."

Laura Whiteside C.P.A.


"It was a nice orthodontic experience with Dr.Philipose who treated my teeth with Invisalign. I was very impressed with his caring behavior. He listened to me whenever I had questions about the treatment and answered them to my satisfaction. I will suggest Dr. Philipose if you are looking for
​an Invisalign treatment."

Heather Mulkins


"I was very pleased with orthodontic care delivered by Dr. Philipose to my daughter. I was impressed with his professionalism and demeanor. He created a beautiful smile for my daughter. We enjoyed working with Dr. Philipose. I will recommend him to my friends and neighbors."


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